Our range of excellent products for marine industry.

SERMARINE is proudly distributor for Italy of the following high end products  for ships and yachts.

Our team of experts will answer all your questions and provide all the relevant informations about our full range of products.


Alunautic is a Dutch company with over 20 years of experience in building aluminium sport boats, workboats, ribs and landing crafts.

All aluminium boats produced at Alunautic are built according to the latest CE regulations and the aluminum used carries the Marine Qualification. The Dutch craftsmanship at Alunautic means that we only produce the highest quality vessels with excellent sailing characteristics.


Blue Spirit

Blue Spirit is a Dutch company that designs, builds and distributes rigid hull Inflatable boats for the professional offshore market such as patrol and rescue boats. All Blue Spirit boats are produced in Holland and because of this Dutch craftsmanship, we deliver the best design, quality and price in the market.

All boats from Blue Spirit are built with the necessary classifications, according to your specifications and latest CE regulations and will be delivered with accessories of the latest designs and engines.


Our extensive experience in boatbuilding means that we can also build custom made boats, according to our client’s requests. Blue Spirit offers the best designs and prices for all companies like the navy, dredging, rescue, offshore and many more.

Environmental air solutions

Environmental Air Solutions is an Australian based company that recognises the importance of indoor air quality. As we spend up to 90% of our time indoors your health is of major importance.


Developed to prevent breathing high levels of airborne bacteria, once your container of Environmental Air Solutions has been opened and placed in position the vapour from the triple anti biotic quality Tea Tree Oil immediately starts releasing into the air.



Environmental air solutions is a 100% natural, and is NOT a product that "Masks" an odour but instead captured the cause. It's a self evaporating product that incorporates the amazing Anti Septic, Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal properties of Tea Tree Oil.


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